Decorating the Deck for Fall

Summer is officially over, so it’s time to start bringing those outdoor decorations inside until next year, right?

Not so fast! Just because the temperatures have dipped a bit doesn’t mean that it’s time to run inside and hibernate. Your deck can be easily and beautifully decorated for the fall season! Check out these autumn outdoor decorating tips from our friends at Fiberon:

  • Figure out what you want your deck to be used for this season. Whether you’re still barbecuing, relaxing alone with a book or just hanging out with friends and family, your outdoor décor will need to mirror your needs.
  • Always have plenty of cozy seating. No one wants to stand around on a deck. Consider Adirondack chairs. They can be primed and repainted as the seasons change, giving you a new look each time.
  • Add color and texture by bringing interior design outside. Outdoor rugs, pillows and seat cushions are an excellent way to make your deck just as beautiful and comfortable as your living room.
  • Since it’ll be getting dark earlier in the day, the fall season is the perfect time to invest in new outdoor lights. Whether you choose a string of lights or bulky lanterns, be sure that your lighting option fits your deck living style. For example, decorating your railing with low hanging string lights might not be plausible if children or pets will be playing on the deck.
  • Another easy way to add color is with flowers. And fall is known for packing a lot of punch. Glorious shades of orange, red, yellow and brown are very popular this season.

How will you be decorating your deck this fall? 

Image from BHG

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