Comparing Outdoor Rooms

Chesterfield Fence & Deck is proud to offer custom services such as building and remodeling four-season sunrooms and screen rooms all over the St. Louis area. But do you know the difference between these types of outdoor rooms? The definitions tend to overlap depending on who you ask. Check out what Better Homes & Gardens has to say:

Sunroom: This room — also called a solarium or conservatory — is a glassed-in living space typically attached to the house and is accessible from indoors. It is designed to function as additional living area during many weather conditions.

Four-season room: Closely related to the sunroom, this option is designed to be heated and cooled. As a result, it can be enjoyed year-round.

Screen room: This option has walls constructed of mesh rather than glass, which offers the advantage of fresh air without insects. Like the sunroom, it is habitable in the midst of many weather conditions. It makes a terrific budgetary choice.

Not only are these outdoor rooms great for accommodating holiday guests, but they can also be decorated and designed in so many beautiful ways!

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